Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with Christian Romantic Suspense author Katie Vorreiter

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In today’s episode, My special guest and I talk about her romantic suspense, set in San Quentin prison. Enjoy the conversation, purchase the book and hang on for a wild ride that will keep you turning pages for hours and stay with you long after the book is over.




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Special guest interview with Christian Romantic suspense author Katie Vorreiter!



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Katie Vorreiter


Tuesday May 4, 2021


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Katie Vorreiter makes her home in the diverse and beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She works in high tech as a proofreader as well as a freelance fiction copy editor for a small press. While she admits to being a grammarian, she considers herself a fun one.

After studying and later interning in Madrid, Spain, Katie continues to use and improve her Spanish as much possible—especially when a travel opportunity arises. Aside from that, she DIYs at home with her husband in their almost empty nest, travels to Colorado where their two young-adult children study, and snuggles with her pup who promises not to grow up and go away to college.

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Katie’s debut novel is entitled No Turning Back. See the book details below:



Livvy Fischer’s life has been derailed. Suffering panic attacks, the classically trained soprano works a dead-end job. Due partly to a mix-up, partly to her crush on Pastor Lucas, Livvy joins a worship team bound for the chapel at San Quentin. When a full-scale riot breaks out, she is separated from Lucas and the rest of her group.

Snatched from the San Quentin chapel by an inmate, Livvy doesn’t know who to trust. Tobin says he’s protecting her, but she’s been blindsided before. She struggles to put her trust in God, while all too aware that free will can wreak horrible consequences. Tobin wants her to hide and ride out the storm, but Livvy becomes the obsession of a serial killer. Will God protect her? Will Tobin? And it’s one thing if Tobin is turning his life around behind bars. It’s quite another to fall for him.

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Tobin enveloped Livvy in his arms. She wept herself ragged. Twenty-four hours ago Tobin didn’t exist to her. Now she was getting snot all over his shirt. A convicted criminal. San Quentin inmate.


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