Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special guest interview with Children’s Author/illustrator Rachael Clarke

In today’s episode, Rachael and I talk about creating illustrations for her books, writing in multiple genres and her latest book, The Big Ole Bike. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation.


The Big Ole Bike and more with Rachael Clarke!


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Rachael Clarke


Tuesday, April 27, 2021


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Rachael Clarke is a former police officer turned stay-at-home mom living in Portage la Prairie, MB, with her sport-aholic husband, two adorably mischievous children, and dog. Besides sipping coffee, Rachael enjoys writing and illustrating children’s literature, plotting fantastical novels, and publishing multi-genre short fiction under her pen name R.A. Clarke. Her short stories have won The Writer’s Games and the Writer’s Weekly international competitions. She was also nominated as a finalist for the 2021 Futurescapes Award. Rachael’s children’s chapter book The Big Ol’ Bike, is available wherever books are sold. Follow her writing adventures at:

Details for The Big Ole Bike are as follows:

Description:        Big things are happening in Little Springs…

Everything about Oliver is small, from his footprint to his glasses—and a trio of bullies never let him forget it. When Oliver receives his grandfather’s old bike for his birthday, he rides tall for the first time. But the meanest bully in school doesn’t like that at all. Oliver quickly finds himself challenged to a race. Now, he’ll have to be bigger than he ever imagined in order to prove heroes come in small packages too.

The Big Ol’ Bike is a contemporary slice of life for ages 7-10. Come hang out with Oliver, Austin, and Sue, as they experience excitement, setbacks, and adventure together. Themes of bullying, family, friendship, confidence, and community are all explored.

WARNING: Reading this book may cause an urgent need to ride your bike. Don’t be alarmed. The feeling will pass… But don’t let it. 😉

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Oliver lived in a cozy, little house on a quiet street in a small town called Little Springs. He had a short, shaggy-haired dog named Tiny who loved to cuddle. He also loved to bark like a pit bull, but hid in the hallway whenever the mailman came by.

Everything about Oliver’s life seemed to be small. His hat. His footprint. His bike. He wore small, round glasses to see better, which made the kids at school call him “Bug Eyes.” If that nickname wasn’t bad enough, Oliver also got teased for being short and skinny for his age.

He dreamed of riding big, beautiful thoroughbreds in the fanciest horse races someday—like the Kentucky Derby. Sometimes, when he rode his bike around the neighbourhood, Oliver liked to pretend he was galloping around a racetrack instead. Sitting on the back of a mighty steed, he’d rush toward the finish line, which was usually just a crack in the cement or a long shadow across the street. His dad said that horse riders—called jockeys—always needed to be small people. Short and light.

It was the perfect job for Oliver!

“You have such an overactive imagination,” his mom would always say. ©

She’d ruffle his hair, and Oliver would just smile. He didn’t mind that fact at all. Imagining things was fun.

One thing he really didn’t like, though, was his bike. Oliver was small, but his bike was even smaller. He’d grown out of it last year already, and now he looked huge sitting on top of it. Normally, Oliver would love that—since he didn’t look huge very often. But this wasn’t one of those times. The kids at school had started to tease him because it looked so silly.

Plus, his knees kept hitting the handlebars, leaving purple bruises behind.

He needed a new bike badly. But his parents said they couldn’t afford one right now. So, instead of letting himself get sad, Oliver grew determined. If his parents didn’t have enough money, then he’d help them pay for it.

He decided to save all of his weekly allowance in a special jar he’d marked, “Bike.” And for extra good luck, each night before he drifted off to sleep, Oliver searched for the brightest star in the sky to wish upon. He’d squeeze his eyes shut, asking for a new bike. Oliver hoped with all his might that someday his wish would come true.  ©2020 Rachael Clarke


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