Original Poetry: The Wuzzle named Bumfuzzle

The following poem was inspired by the word “bumfuzzle”, which was part of the One  Word Poetry Challenge workshop, hosted by Jen Lowry, which Tish Bouvier and I participated in Yesterday. Each day I’ll post one poem prompted by this event and challenge you with a new word at random, so read this post in its entirety for your special challenge.

There once was a little wuzzle

Whose name was Bumfuzzle

His body was covered with hair,

Though he wasn’t a bear.

What was this wuzzle

Whose name was Bumfuzzle?

Bumfuzzle Was a dust bunny,

Who sneezed and coughed and walked real funny

He could always be found

Hanging around

Sticking his nose in a jar of honey.

Today’s challenge set a timer for three minutes and write a poem using the word “mask” as your prompt. Be sure to post your poem on your own blog and pingback to this post, so I can see what you come up with.

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