Someone wanted, but, and, so, or: Developing Your Story Arch

Hello everyone in the blogosphere, today I have a special writing tip to help you develop your story arch. Before we get into the formula, I have some news to share.

My friend Teresa Guffanti invited me to join a new social media app called Clubhouse. While in a room for beginning podcasters, room moderator Danny De Hek invited Teresa and I to be his special guests on his What De Hek podcast.

The following tip was inspired by a conversation in a room where several people were talking about how to tell your story so others will listen. Her formula was designed to help motivational speakers structure their content to make it more engaging to their audience. I expanded the formula to teach fiction writers how to develop their story arches. The formula is as follows:

Someone, your protagonist

Wanted, what does your MC want? What is the character’s goal in your story?

But, the fear or flaw keeping your character from achieving his or her goal

And, in walks the villain to turn your MC’s world upside down in each paradigm shift

So, Your MC must conquer the fear or flaw holding her back and confront the villain to achieve her goal

Or, lose everything, including her life, depending on your genre.

To hear the full explanation of my formula, check out today’s podcast episode.

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