Original Poetry: A Forgotten Voice Recorder’s Lament

The following poem was inspired by the photo below.

A small hand-held Olympus digital recorder sits on a  wooden surface. It is not turned on. It is the kind of recorder made to be carried in a pocket or tucked away in a purse for short voice recordings and "reminder" memos. Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/grabadora-mp3-recorder-retro-6080153/?fbclid=IwAR1S5YPfcJEyDa265qPsfPayvjDCkpnqbbG3Nd0r8OVP4VcyQXnoK16Ehms

A recorder sits on a table alone

With no one to give it a home.

Who knows what stories it has to tell

Or what thoughts get lost in the wishing well

Of voices it carries in its memory bank.

It holds a one-sided conversation

With no one to give any indication

Of whether the messages have reason or rhyme

Or pieces of a story lost in time

And the listener knows not who to thank

For the words of hope and wisdom.

Don’t leave this recorder all alone

Pick it up and take it home

And if there are no messages inside

Record your thoughts from deep inside

Your soul, and do not hide

The message of God’s love.

Here’s a special message for you,

For when you’re feeling sad and blue

This recorder will hold true

Your deepest thoughts and emotions.

Do you leave it all alone,

Or do you dare to take it home

And pour your heart and soul

Into the digital ocean?

Don’t let your thoughts disappear,

Capture your precious words for the world to hear

Keep them close at hand

With the touch of a button at your command

Writing challenge: Use the picture above as inspiration and write your own story, poem or essay and share it on your own blog. Be sure to ping back to this post, so I can read your creation.

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