Claire O’Sullivan Returns to talk about her debut novel, Romance under Wraps


Claire O’Sullivan Returns to talk about her debut novel, Romance Under Wraps!


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Claire O’Sullivan


Tuesday March 9, 2021


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MORE ABOUT GUEST AUTHOR Claire O’Sullivan (in her own words)…

I’m a mom and grandmother. When my husband and I married, he already had 2 kids and 2 grandkids, and I already had my son, so I became an instant grandmother as well with the largest family on the face of the earth.

 ((What was funny at my wedding, I didn’t wear my glasses, well, because, who wants to, right? So we’re walking down the aisle and I see all of these folks crowding one side. I’d met my husband’s family at a Thanksgiving dinner, and there were at least fifty family members and their spouses, so going down the aisle I thought, wow, I knew his family was big but… Well, I’d lost my mom and dad years back, and so my son was with me, but no one else. And when I finally put my glasses on, my entire church had turned out and filled up the pews. It was pretty phenomenal. And funny.))

               So I retired officially in 2018 though I’d closed my office quite a bit earlier, got our youngest son and his wife to move into the house while we remodeled and put in a mother-in-law studio, which is quite cozy for us. And we get to see our kids.

               Besides writing, reading, and drinking coffee, I love to garden. My husband says I am low maintenance because I am always reading or writing… never grabbing the remote. We live in rural Southern Oregon weathering the changes.

I started writing in 8th grade with the encouragement of a teacher, and she suggested I get into journalism and creative writing in high school, which I did. My folks were old fashioned and they were firm: no writing, no archeology, no wildlife biology. So I became a nurse, and got married, had a son, and life sort of happened. I wrote a novel in 1989 but never got serious about sending it off, and that was a thriller. Then I went off to grad school and became a nurse practitioner, opened my own office, and didn’t start writing until 2012, and that’s when I started Romance Under Wraps.

Her debut novel is entitled Romance Under Wraps , the book information is as follows:


Catherine Cade has issues. She’s a partial amnesiac. She has no idea who she really is other than a thief. Once partnered up with an ex-husband/partner, she now runs routinely, changing her identity, but wanting a real life. She fakes a PhD as a nurse practitioner and works for a physician. When a VIP dies mysteriously, she’s worried because, he was her patient. Will she have to talk with the cops? Sign a death certificate? When a detective shows up at her office, he’s not there on pleasantries. When she looks at an unusual note attached to a death certificate, she realizes she is looking at something other than death by natural causes. She must do something, anything, to redeem her unredeemable life.

The detective knows all – almost all about Catherine Cade. Rick Calhoun has his eye on her, and really, with the most innocent of motives until he catches her in the act of a felony. Now, how to deal with the one woman who could turn his life inside out in every which way? The question remains, who killed the VIP, was it her, and what would he do to keep her safe?

Book trailer:

Purchase link: Either through Claire’s website or  Romance Under Wraps – Kindle edition by O’Sullivan, Claire. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @


“Someone’s in room two. He came to talk with Dr. Riley, but since he’s out—”

“He’s stuck with me. What does he want?”

She straightened her ponytail. “He’s a cop. Here about Thompson’s death.”

Oh, no. How could you, God? I even prayed. C’mon. The peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth as I zeroed in on her face.

“I think he has a hangover. He’s a looker, though.”

“Is he blond? Young? Accent?” A quick peep at the back door might give my concern away, but if Jerry or his goon showed up, how fast could I outrun him? I’d grab my keys, knock Teresa off her feet, and make it to my car with a go-bag already packed and in the trunk.

“Southern accent, darker hair than yours, maybe a foot taller, five years older than you, give or take. Forty-ish. Easy on the eyes. Looks like a defensive linebacker. Unlike your muddy ole eyeballs, he’s got serious blue.”


She smirked. “Okay, brown. Why?”

“No reason.” I stacked prescription requests with a vengeance. Jerry, a malicious con, became the Feds’ paid informant in a convenient twist of fate. They made a sweet deal for him but left me out. Funny how that worked. He pocketed cops everywhere. Now one waited for me in an exam room.

I stood in the hall in front of the exam room door. Steeled myself. Checked my pistol, a SIG Sauer I carried under my lab coat. Donned my reading glasses. Gulped water to ease the cottonmouth.

Thompson’s chart showed nothing of interest. Without his information in the electronic medical records, reviewing his loose papers took longer than expected before I went into the exam room.

I wrapped my hand around the knob. Instead, the door opened and yanked me in. I yelped as my forward motion caused a collision, and the documents flew. He caught me and apologized.

“Ah—ah …” I noted an angled jaw, salt-and-pepper hair, and grizzled stubble. “… I’m Catherine Cade.”

“Apologies, ma’am, but I’m in a hurry.” He helped gather the papers. “I’m Detective Rick Calhoun with Whiskey River PD.” He presented his ID, thrust out a big hand, yet grasped mine gently. “Needed to bring you this.” He closed the door and rested his back against it. “Got questions about Thompson.”

Big man, armed, leaning against the doorframe and my one way out. Jerry had sent him. My internal freak-out meter shot straight to nuclear.

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