Original Poetry: The Dancing Hands of Time


A picture of an antique silver-colored pocketwatch on a black background. The face is creamy white. The numbers are black and larger than you might expect. The watch has a sweep second hand at the bottom and the circle of that small dial actually cuts off part of the "5" and "7". The face of the watch says  "Molnija" centered below the 12 with "Made in USSR" along the bottom. The time is 5 minutes until 9, and 40 seconds. The watch has a silver-colored chain but the clasp appears to be either tarnished or made of a metal similar to brass. Photo taken from: https://pixabay.com/photos/pocket-watch-time-antique-clock-6060604/?fbclid=IwAR0Gvn2xsORgFAsBzsNYe8dJdopL9djr4cWzS9Xqg5DqAAadcMnj3690YqQ

An old watch keeps time in my pocket.

Does it show the time of the day?

Or spin away the remaining hours of a lifetime?


With numbers big and bold,

And hands covering the face of old

I take out my treasure

And watch as the hours spin away.


The second hand dances around the watch face,

As the minutes crawl on by

I’m hypnotized by the circular motion

As I watch the hours fly into the abyss

And the days of my life spin away

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