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Hello to all my dearly beloved readers and happy 2021! I have a little bit of news from behind the scenes to share this month. First of all, please except my sincere apologies for not sending a newsletter in January. I had some writing struggles to work through during the month, but I’m back in the swing of things with my current work in progress, Hunt for the Scavenger Killer, the first book in my Hempstead Mystery series. I will revise Shadow of Truth, once I finish my first draft of this novel, so stay tuned for updates on that project.

To update you on my writing progress, I not only conquered the brick wall in my story, I’m also slowly eating the elephant at both ends. Let me explain how this metaphor works. I’ve been working my way through chapters nine, ten, eleven and now twelve, but off and on, during the last few days, I’ve seen one or two scenes while I’m either lying in bed or in the bathroom. Talk about finding a new place to have a brainstorming session! Last week I wrote the first ending scene one morning and a couple of days later made a cup of coffee and wrote a second scene in my place holder document. I’m telling you, God has a way of providing inspiration in the most unusual times and places.


I also have another piece of exciting news to share! My 2021 poetry season has begun! My first three poems are pasted below.


My Poetry Season


My poetry comes alive

When I sit outside

In my distraction free zone.


When I must hide

Cooped up inside

Verses drift away one by one.


God’s Tin Roof Lullaby


The Voice in the rain

pounding on my tin roof

Whispers in the midst 

of the sounds around me.


The Voice in the rain

Drumming on my tin roof

Murmurs its song

Of comfort and sweet piece.


Do not fear the storms of life

God is with you day and night

Listen to His soothing whisper

And sleep in peace tonight.


My Indian Summer Experience


Indian Summer,

What does that mean?

Unseasonably warm autumn months,

With temperatures resembling

Those of early Spring.


With air conditioner running

And birds singing in the trees,

I sit on my front porch

Listening to the wind chimes

Blowing in the gentle breeze.


Wishing for the true feel of Fall

And cooler temperatures

And the sounds of nature filling the air

With my door open all day,

The sound of music

Comes from everywhere.


Indian Summer

was a difficult time for writing

with the drone of the air conditioner

a constant distraction in my brain

With the drop of the temperature

The AC was turned off,

And my characters spoke to me again.


When you feel weighed down

By the noises around you,

Step outside and sit in the quiet of the day,

Listen to the music of your environment

And let all distractions drift

Far, far away

Like leaves blowing in the autumn winds

And let words flow like raindrops

Fill your blank page.


Follow your characters

As they go their merry way

Down the path of your story

Taking you through

Another productive writing day.


Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of my series of podcast episodes on how to get stuck in your writing, if you’re having trouble conquering the brick walls in your story. If you’re more of a visual learner, subscribe to my YouTube Channel for a series of short videos to go along with the podcast series.


Speaking of podcasts, I have two author interviews to share with you! If you’d like to learn a bit more about me, check out my “no excuses writer” interview on the One Word Writer Podcast, and my most recent interview on the Struggling Blessed but not alone podcast. Keep an eye on your inbox, because next month I’ll have another special treat for you. Until then, happy reading and God bless you all.


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