Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with Sue Parrisher

Today’s episode was aired in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Click the links below to hear my special guest share her journey from victim to survivor.

Special Guest Interview with Sue Parisher!
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Sue Parisher
Tuesday October 6, 2020



LTC (Ret.) Sue Parisher served twenty-one honorable years on active duty, living a double life of capability and accomplishment in the service
while enduring brutality and abusiveness in her twenty-year oppressive marriage.
The constant need to relocate due to Army orders every few years definitely contributed to her abuser’s ability to weaken her defenses against him. The
atmosphere of military masculinity of the time and her daughter’s diagnosis of leukemia continually added gasoline to the horrors of her world.
Today, Sue is happily married to a wonderful Christian man whose children and family have overwhelmingly welcomed her into their world. She has three unbelievable
children who have been her inspiration and motivation during all these trying times. Her daughter’s cancer has been in remission for 15 years.

Sue’s book is entitled Rock Bottom and Faithless: Defeating the Lies of Domestic Abuse with God’s Truth

Seven years after separating from my abuser, a nervous breakdown revealed the reality that time alone was not going to heal the horrors of
Being separated from my abusive husband didn’t make me a domestic violence survivor. It surely didn’t release me from the grip of his brainwashing control
and the innate power he had over me.
As I started putting my shattered life back together after being separated from my abuser, I still felt his compelling control shaping my every thought
and action. I didn’t feel like a domestic violence survivor just because I was no longer with my abuser. In fact, I felt like a remotely-controlled, confused
puppet still shaken by residual influences in my mind.
In order to become a true survivor, knowing that the thoughts in my head were mine, I had to: identify the deeply rooted lies of my abuser that I believed
were true, extract the lies, lean on God’s strength to defeat the lies and replace them with His word, and acknowledge that the trauma experienced from
the abuse left physical and emotional scars that needed to be furthered explored.

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