Part One of My Character Interview with Katrina Dobson From Inner Vision

Hello everyone, welcome to part one of my conversation with Katrina Dobson. If you’re new to my site, be sure to go back and read the Introduction I posted last week. Without further ado, let’s welcome my main character from what I now call Inner Vision: Katrina Dobson.

Ann: Hey Katrina, I have some very important questions to ask you. The answers to these questions will help me tell your story the way you want me to tell it. Are you up for that?
Katrina: I guess. I mean people have asked me some of the dumbest questions thus far, so how hard can it be?
Ann: These questions may be a bit tough, so brace yourself.
Katrina: Okay.
Ann: I have to start with this one. How do you feel about your parents?
Katrina: I love my mom. I mean after my accident; she didn’t judge me for my blindness. She tried to help me get the training, therapy and support I needed to be an independent person again. The accident put me in a deep depression. With Mom’s help and the support of others who lost their sight later in life, I was able to discover who I am and fine my purpose in life.
Ann: What about your dad?
Katrina: Do we really want to go there? I have a love/hate relationship with him. Before my accident, he could be brutal, but after the accident, he flipped. I mean he started hitting my mom and he even hit me a couple of times. You saw the way he acted in the hospital. That was just a taste of what he’s capable of. It gets worse later on in the story, but I can’t tell you that part yet. You’ll have to find out as we go along.
Ann: When did you feel completely loved and accepted?
Katrina: I’ve always felt loved by God first, then my mom, though she was week, but I was truly accepted by Dr. Anders. She took me under her wing and she does her best to help me solve the mystery. She’s a pistol, but she’s my ally and mentor. She also looks out for mom, though Mom’s shy about showing her gratitude.
Ann: What would mentally destroy you?
Katrina: Oh my gosh! The accident already did that once, but my dad’s abuse has caused me to be diagnosed with PTSD. I can’t really tell you what more I can go through to crush me, except losing my mom or my best friend Ana.
Ann: One final question for this week’s post. What would need to happen to make you speak out or defend a stranger in public?
Katrina: That’s a tough one. But if someone were tormenting another blind person, I’d have to say something in defense of that person, or call the police if necessary. I don’t like seeing members of the blind community getting hurt. Likewise, if someone were hurting my Mom, that person would have a fight on their hands, because you don’t mess with Mama.
Ann: I can understand the need to defend another blind person. I’m blind myself and I don’t like to see anyone getting hurt, especially a person with a disability. Do you have any parting words before we close out today’s interview?
Katrina: No matter what you’re going through, remember that Jesus loves you. Lean on the Lord and the people in your close-knit circle of friends, because they’re the ones who’ve got your back. You’ve got this, keep your head up and be strong.

I’d like to thank My character Katrina for stopping by for a brief chat, today. Be sure to continue to part two of our enlightening conversation.

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