Introduction to a very important character conversation with Katrina Dobson from what is now known as Inner Vision

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The following character interview series will be posted in several parts. If you miss a previous part of the conversation, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to link back to all the previous posts in the latest update, so you can go back and read from the beginning.

Before we get started, let me give you a little introduction. The questions I’ll ask my character Katrina Dobson, came from an article entitled Fifteen Questions Authors Should Ask Their Characters, from the Writers Write website.

Please note that Inner Vision has been unpublished, because I’m giving it an overhaul. I’m extending the short read into a Psychological thriller, which may or may not be published in the Christian market, I’m not sure yet. However, it will be faith based. I’m also giving it a new title, so I can rebrand it altogether with a new cover using the photo of the girl from the original cover. Incidentally, she looks like my daughter, several years older. Take a moment to read the encouraging conversation between Becca Martin from what is now called Shadow of Truth and Kelly (AKA Katrina) Dobson, while I ask Katrina some very important questions.

The reason I’m asking my character these questions, is to help with my character development stage of the writing process. I’ve rewritten a prologue and three chapters, but I need a little more information, before I can move forward with the story, although I’m seeing strange elements in dreams. Join me each week for the next three weeks as I get to know my main character. Please note, there will be no spoilers to my upcoming novel.

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  1. Very cool! I think just about any book on the market could use an overhaul. With the way books are printed now, I think this is very possible and encouraged! I’ve gone back and changed a few stories to coincide with the longer story line in my series and it’s pretty awesome! Great post!


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