Author challenge: Who Are Your Three Ideal Readers

Hello to everyone in the blogosphere. I have a special challenge for you, but before I explain what the challenge is, I’d first like to encourage you to sign up for my BB, so you can receive a free gift and news and updates about my author journey. Without further ado, here’s my challenge.

The question for you is: Who are the three ideal people you write for? I’ll share my answers with you, but first, here’s what I’d like you to do. Before you answer this question, spend some time in prayer over your three people and journal about them. If finding free images on Pixabay, Unsplash or any other sites where you can download free for commercial use photos, and create your images using your software of choice. If you decide to post your three ideal readers on your blog or website, please tag me on social media or pingback to this post so I can read your answers and share them on my social media. My answers are as follows.
1. My daughter Sharen, for whom the original version of Shadow of Truth was dedicated to.
2. The person who suffers from PTSD, due to a horrific incident they witnessed as a chile or any traumatic experience he or she experienced in his or her life. No matter what you’ve been through, remember you’re not alone.
3. The person who feels jaded by her friends and family due to her disability.

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