Original Poetry: The Kiss of a Hummingbird

Sitting on my front steps
On a warm summer’s day,
The wind chimes whisper
As the wind makes them sway.

With a flutter of tiny wings
And a high-pitched call
A hummingbird sings
His song of the coming Fall.

The first of two visits
This hummingbird makes
Darting back and forth
Leaving a memory in his wake.

With a whirring of wings
The hummingbird appears
Meeting me face to face
To spread tidings of good cheer.

The hummingbird appears
planting kisses on my cheeks
While he hovers near,
I dare not move or speak.

These two special visits
I’ll not soon forget
I’ll never take for granted
The hummingbird I’ve met.

When you walk outside
Take a look around
Enjoy God’s wonderous creation
Through sight, fragrance and sound.

Let God’s love surround you
And let your heart begin
To be at one with nature
And sense the beauty from within
Your heart and soul.

If a hummingbird comes to you
With a whisper of fluttering wings
Close your eyes and listen
To the message that he brings
Of joy, peace, and love
His soft angelic kiss
Is a special gift from above.

God bless you, dear reader
I pray that you will see
The beautiful little hummingbird
That came to visit me.

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