Original Poetry: A Message of God’s Love

When your sorrow and doubt fill you with despair
And you’re world crashes down around you,
When the burden of sin
Brings you to your knees,
let God’s love surround you.

Lay your burdens at Jesus’s feet,
And He shall set you free.
For He died upon the cross
To save lost souls
Like you and me.

Give your heart to Jesus,
and he will make you new.
He’ll never leave you nor forsake you,
for His love is true.
Though my story has come to an end,
Let your journey begin anew.

I’ll end my simple heartfelt song
With a special prayer
For when it seems like no one cares
He’s always there beside you.

Let my message of God’s love
Bring you comfort
In these uncertain times
Pick up your cross and follow
His unwavering footsteps
For He will surely guide you
Down life’s ever changing path.

For He knows the thoughts
He thinks toward us,
Thoughts of peace, love and joy
To protect us from the evil forces
Which often attempt to harm us

For those with wounded, broken spirits
Cry out to Jesus
For he hears us when we pray
Accept Him as your Lord and savior
And He will free you from sin today.

This poem was pulled from my drafts and edited for your reading pleasure.

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