Hummingbird Haiku

Sitting on my steps
A hummingbird comes to me
Close enough to touch

This haiku was inspired by two visits I received by hummingbirds this week. Both of these visits happened while sitting on my steps. The first time a hummingbird flew close to me, was on Wednesday. It didn’t come near enough to touch, but it flew mere inches from me, buzzing and calling out as it passed in front of me twice, before disappearing in the morning air.
The second visit happened this morning. This time, the hummingbird came so close, it almost touched my face. I didn’t dare move, for fear of scaring it away, yet at first I was a bit scared that it would hurt me. However, I found a video of hummingbirds buzzing and calling out in someone’s yard. One thing I noticed about the person who’d shot the video was that he or she had wind chimes, which accentuated the beauty in his or her yard.
These hummingbird visits taught me not to take for granted the little things in life and to find things that bring me joy. My challenge to you today is as follows: Spend some time outside in your front yard, on your porch, or simply take a walk out in the countryside and surround yourself with God’s beautiful creations.

What beautiful sights and sounds of nature have inspired you this week? Until next time, happy writing.

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