Series review of If I Run by Terri Blackstock

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Today I’m coming to you with a little something different. Instead of a single book review, I’m reviewing an entire trilogy. The series is entitled If I run and it was written by Terri Blackstock

The first book is the title story from which the series got its name. If I run, takes place after Casey Cox finds her father dead at the age of twelve, and years later she finds her best friend’s body. She has been accused of her friend’s murder and has to live off the grid, hiding from detectives Keagan and Rollins. Dillan Roberts is hired by Brent’s parents to find Casey. However, the more he learns about her, the more he begins to believe that she’s been wrongly accused.

The fact that Casey put her own problems aside and nearly got caught helping her new found friend find her kidnapped granddaughter in Shady Grove, Georgia, is what made me like her. I grew to like Dillan toward the end of the book, when he uncovers the truth about his “prey”. Gordan Keagan is a character you’ll soon love to hate, though I thought his intent on finding Casey was wise. However, my dislike for him grew stronger, when Hannah sent Casey the thumb drive from Brent, which contained incriminating evidence against Keegan. At the end of the first book, Casey Meets Dillan and sends him a copy of the thumb drive from a fake address.

In the first book, you learn a bit about Dillan’s PTSD, However, in the second book, you get to know him a lot more. He’s out looking for evidence against the detectives in the guise of searching for Casey. Oh, Dillan’s still searching for Casey, but for different reasons, he wants to protect her.

Casey puts her life on the line in attempts to save an abused child, who’s parents turned her over to her abuser in exchange for drugs.

The third book in the trilogy is entitled If I live. Before I tell you what I loved about this book, let me say that I give the entire series a 5-star rating.

In If I live, the killer’s true identity is revealed. Although I started with this book, the element that made me want to keep reading was the means by which Dillan and Casey catch the culprit. I won’t tell you what happens in each book of the series, but this is one set of Christian thrillers I absolutely loved. Terri Blackstock is turning out to be one of my favorite authors in the Christian suspense/ mystery genre.

Another thing I liked about the series is the fact that I can use Blackstock’s character with PTSD as a model for my own protagonist in A Journey of Faith, which I’m currently working on. I used this series as inspiration to give me ideas and questions to use in my research and character development.

Terri, if you stumble upon my website and you read this review, I want to thank you for giving me some points to consider for my own writing.

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