Inspirational Journeys Presents: The Four Ps of Writing: Positive Mistakes, Protected time: Platform and Process

Hello everyone in the blogosphere:
Last night, I had a fabulous conversation with Tish Bouvier on her Write Coffee Repeat podcast about the three Ps of writing. In my short summary episode, I discussed these aspects of the writing life and added a bonus aspect, which we didn’t mention, yet is the most part of the writing life, in my opinion. I’ll briefly describe the 4 Ps of writing below, follow by links to both podcast episodes for your listening pleasure.

Positive mistakes

Positive mistakes are the flubs that lead to better creative opportunities or enhancements in your writing and marketing efforts. What improvements have you made from your positive mistakes and what have you learned from these mishaps?

Protected time

The time you spend writing, on social media, with your family, and creating a work/life balance is an important part of the creative lifestyle. What strategies do you use to create a balance between your writing and your everyday life?


Creating your author platform is essential if you want to get your book(s) into the hands of readers. Your platform is where you connect with like-minded people and build a strong writing community. What are your favorite platforms and what strategies do you use to make them work for you?


The heart of the writing life is your creative process. Everyone’s process is different. Learn from the experts and writers in your community, but create your own process and do what works for you.

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