Original Poem: Becca’s Song of Hope

Imprisoned in my fear and doubt,
My emotions claw their way out
I’m breaking free from the prison of my past
The chains that bind me, God’s plan will outlast

My will to survive and push forward
In my quest for the hidden truth
I will lean on God’s word
He shall free me from the pain of my youth.

With Granny Mary as my angelic Guide
My curiosity I cannot hide
I long to solve this mystery
And connect once more with my family

Surrounded by God’s love
Receiving his precious gifts from above
The truth shall set me free
for His grace is sufficient for me
As I embark upon my journey
To find the truth behind this mystery

Until I receive healing
for which I long
I’ll sing His praises
In the words of this song

And break the chains of my past
And shout to the mountaintop:
“I’m free at last!”

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