Inspirational Journeys Presents: 3 Tips for Repurposing Dump Scenes in your Writing

To all you fiction writers out in the blogosphere, here are three things you can do to repurpose your dumped scenes;

Dump your scenes in groups, according to a side character’s POV or a plot sequence. For example, if you have four scenes with one of your secondary characters, group them together, so you can pull them from your notebook or junk journal for use in a separate document.

Place your pieced together scene groups in separate documents to rewrite later. For example, I have a document simply called, Shelly’s story where I put scenes featuring my secondary character, so I can write her story later.

Use the scenes or chapters you’ve grouped together in their separate documents, to write a separate story or group of stories that coincide with your full-length novel. You can either put them together in a collection, or if you have longer pieces, such as novellas or novelettes, you can publish them as single titles and/or put them together in a collection later on.

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Until next time, happy writing, stay safe and healthy and remember you are always in my prayers.

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