#InspirationalJourneys Presents #30DayWritingChallenge: Day 1 writing prompt: Animals

Hello everyone in the blogosphere. In today’s episode of Inspirational Journeys, I cover quite a few things.

First of all, I share some exciting publishing news. I’ll be resetting the price of Maggie’s Gravy Train adventure. From now on, I will make the book Free so that moms, dads, older siblings and other family members can share it with younger children.

My second bit of news is that I will be launching the eBook version of my Poetry book entitled, The Spirit of Creativity as a free download, so that all may enjoy the beauty of a poem. I’ll share the inspiration behind these books, before I give listeners and viewers a new writing challenge.

30 Day Writing Challenge

For the next 30 days, I will share a daily writing prompt for children and adults to take on as a creative challenge You can use the prompts as inspiration for your writing, or if writing isn’t your mode of creativity, you can use the prompts in whatever way suits your fancy.

Writing Prompt for Day 1:

Pick your favorite animal or a group of animals you love, and write a poem or story about them. However, you’re not limited to writing, use your creative talents to create the art form of your choice. Be sure to tag me on social media or share your prompt responses with me so I can post them on my blog and Pinterest board. Let’s get creative and have fun with this challenge!

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Be sure to tag me on social media when you post your responses to the prompt or you can send your stories and pictures to annwrites75@gmail.com. When sending photos, be sure to send them as JPG or PNG attachments with a filename that tells me what they are. For example, you could save the photo as dog photo.jpg and I’ll know immediately what it is. If you’d like to add your child’s first name or your pet’s name to the file name, that’s fine too. Only I will see these file names, unless you want me to add the names in my descriptions.

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