Important Character Interview with Dianna Peabody, My Victim in A Journey of Faith

Hello everybody in the blogosphere. Today I have a character interview with a victim who was killed in a supposed accident, sixteen years before A Journey of Faith was set. I feel that this interview is important, because the answers to my questions will help to move the story forward. So, without further ado, I’d like to welcome my character Diana Peabody.

Ann: Before we get started, I’d like to say how much I appreciate you stopping by.

Dianna: My pleasure. I know this is important, but just remember, I won’t spoil anything, so you may not like some of my answers.

Ann: I understand. Now, let’s get started with the first question.

Dianna: Go ahead.

Ann: What would mentally destroy you?

“Dianna, Going blind. You’re blind yourself, so don’t you think that’s worth having a mental breakdown over?

Ann: No, I’ve been blind all my life, but a character from another story of mine lost her sight five years ago.

Dianna: Why don’t you ask her these questions?

Ann: I’ll do that when the time comes. Now back to my questions. How do you feel about your parents?

Dianna: What kind of question is that? I love both my parents. It’s not their fault I chose to climb the stepping stones. I decided to do it before I lost my sight completely and I paid the consequences.

Ann: I have to disagree with the last part of your second sentence. It wasn’t your fault you slipped off the top step of the stone staircase. Someone deliberately placed oil on that step. If the oil hadn’t been there, you’d still be alive today.

Dianna: You couldn’t prove it by me. I didn’t see anything on those steps, so I guess you could say I took a leap of faith and climbed them blindly. How do you like that!

Ann: When did you feel completely loved and accepted for who you were?

Dianna: I always felt loved and accepted by my parents and my brother. I even felt excepted by the outside world, until I lost my sight. You know what happened then! If you don’t, you need to have Becca read my diary.

Ann: What caused you to lose your sight?

Dianna: Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Ann: I see. What would have to happen to make you speak out or defend a stranger in public?

Dianna: I don’t believe you have the audacity to ask me this! If someone bullied another person with a disability, you bet I’d speak out in that person’s defense, no matter whether I knew him or not. Before I lost my sight, I was always the friendly type, lending a helping hand wherever I could, but I quit dealing with people long before my accident.

Ann: What do you lie about?

Dianna: All my secrets are in my diary, I told you.

Ann: I don’t have access to your diary yet, so you’ll have to tell me these things.

Dianna: Oh no! If I did that, I’d be spoiling your story. Do you want me to do that?

Ann: I guess not. Anyway, on to my next question. Do you need friends?

Dianna: Who doesn’t? My family became my friends when I started losing my sight, because I couldn’t trust anybody in the outside world, especially not my boss! I definitely had enemies at work.

Ann: What physical thing do you fear most? Let me guess, blindness. Right?

Diana: you got it! I also feared Wildebeest, because he could be a bully, though you already know that by talking to Becca.

Ann: If you could have chosen to spend your last day alive with one person, past or present, who would that person be?

Dianna: I don’t know, I didn’t have time to think about that. I guess it’d be my father, because no matter what happened, he believed in me.

Ann: What is your defining strength?

Dianna: I guess I’ll never know that, will I? You killed me off, before I had a chance to discover who I really am.

Ann: I had to have a victim. If not you, then who would it have been?

Dianna: Don’t apologize to me, find my killer and you’ll have the answers you need. That’s another secret I kept in my diary, too.

Ann: Would you have been able to work for someone else, if you hadn’t fallen off the top of the stepping stones?

Dianna: We’ll never know, will we?

Ann: Okay, I see you don’t have an answer for that one. So, let’s move on. Do you have a positive or negative body image?

Dianna: Now wait a minute, I didn’t say I didn’t have an answer to the question before, I just didn’t want to embarrass myself. I could have worked for someone else if given the chance. But since I lost my sight, there’s no way to know.
As for your next question, I was skinny and I had a pretty face, so I guess you could say my body image was positive, until I lost my sight. After that, I thought I looked ugly.

Ann: Who or what would you die for if your life hadn’t been taken so suddenly?

Dianna: I’d die to save my family farm. That Kingsley fellow had no right to take our farm. I mean we made the payments when we could. That’s why I helped Jason and Zac solve the previous mystery, but you wouldn’t know about that until you hear what Jason has to say for his book. I used what little I earned in that case to help pay off the farm, but apparently it wasn’t enough. You’ll learn all about that later on, so I won’t spoil it for you.

Ann: Before your supposed accident, did you have a plan for the future?

Dianna: No, I took one day at a time. Any plans I made for the future slipped through my hands, the moment I started going blind.

Ann: What would you think, if you could see me now?

Dianna: I see you now, and I think you’re a nosey writer, pumping me for information, before your readers discover the truth I hid in my diary. Goodbye! (She disappears in a flash).

Here’s to another fun and interesting conversation with my victim. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Until next time, happy reading and writing.

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