Inspirational Journeys Presents: Book Review of The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse

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Today I have a special book feature for you. It is a children’s chapter book that will delight the hearts of kids of all ages. The author shares the message of giving and being kind to others During the Christmas season and throughout the year, in a fun and engaging way. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have. Be sure to share it with the children of all ages, in your life.

Book title:
The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse

Written by:
Susan Borrie

Celebrate the Christmas season with the lovable and hardworking Mistletoe Mouse. After he befriends Molly Dolly, a doll who is left behind on Christmas Eve by Santa’s elves because they did not have her ready in time to go on Santa’s sleigh, the pair join forces and, with the help of an express reindeer, work to make terrible Christmases terrific.

During the following year, Mistletoe Mouse experiences one misadventure after another as he and Molly Dolly save the show when a little girl cannot sing her solo, comfort a grandmother whose grandchildren are caught in a blizzard, and teach boys and girls who cannot afford gifts for their parents how to make something even more valuable than presents.

Whether he is dangling from a tree, covered with seaweed, confronting a stranger, or scampering through a skyscraper, Mistletoe Mouse tackles every Christmastime surprise and challenge with energy and imagination.

The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse is a traditional and wholesome tale that is sure to please children of all ages.

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Author Bio:

Susan Bourrie enjoys reading and writing poetry and stories whose main characters are humorous and heroic. She stopped taking the world seriously in elementary school when an aptitude test said she was supposed to grow up to be a poet or a forest ranger. Since people groaned at her rhyming verse and there were no forests where she lived, she became a mother, children’s librarian, and teacher of reading and writing for future teachers. She could not, however, stop rhyming and wrote and created Admiral Seasalt, Mortimer J. Readabook, light verse, and song lyrics when no one was looking. She writes for children of all ages including parents and grandparents who need hugs and hope.
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