Inspirational Journeys Presents: Wendy Ledger returns to talk about the Sharpest Claw

Hello everyone, today, Wendy Ledger is my returning guest. Last time, she talked the first book in her Cats of the Afterlife series.
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Tuesday, December 10 2019



Wendy Ledger is the author of three books, Joy Returns!, Kate and the Horses, and The Loudest Meow: A Talking Cat Fantasy (Book 1: The Cats of the Afterlife Series). Book 2 of this series, The Sharpest Claw, will be available this fall. Wendy lives in Northern California with her husband and their three cats.

Her latest book is entitled, The Sharpest Claw: A Talking Cat Fantasy (Cats of the Afterlife, Book 2).

Book Description:
Kittens are evil.
At least that’s what Jem, a calico cat, thought. And she had proof. In the afterlife, she had watched kittens take over what used to be her home on earth, claiming her people and her cat companion, her best friend ever.
It wasn’t right. In fact it was dangerous. These kittens were two-faced, violent, manipulative, and cunning. They had fooled everyone else into believing they were adorable. Only Jem knew the truth. But how could she convince the others? How could she make sure these kittens got their rightful comeuppance?
Witness the epic battle of wills between a calico cat and a pair of kittens in Book 2 of the Cats of the Afterlife series.

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Two cats, one calico, one orange, sat on the cold stone steps of 14 Redwood Lane, a home off a country road in the afterlife. They had just returned from earth. It was evening, past dinner. The house was dark. It looked like the loneliest place ever.
“Do you think it’s odd,” Jem, the calico cat, asked, “that the other cats aren’t here to welcome us?”
She thought of Queen and Lola, the petite tortoiseshell and the vivacious ragdoll, inseparable, often bossy. Surely they’d want to be here to make some sort of proclamation about their return. And where was Leo, the black cat, who was everyone’s friend? Or Minerva, the grey cat who seemed to know everything? This certainly wasn’t the homecoming Jem had expected.
“Do you suppose they’re mad at us?” the calico cat asked. “I mean, we didn’t tell them that we were going.” As Jem talked, she grew more worried. “Maybe they felt left out. Maybe they’ve abandoned us.”
Marmalade, the orange cat, considered that for a moment. “I think, if anyone is angry, it would be Alasdair,” she said. “I really should have notified him and gotten permission before we left.”
Alasdair was Marmalade’s supervisor. Through his work, he decided what many cats do in the afterlife. The orange cat thought that he was extraordinary. Jem didn’t really know him. But it seemed to her that Marmalade loved Alasdair more than any other cat. That annoyed Jem to no end.
“I don’t think he’d particularly care, one way or the other,” the calico cat replied.
For a moment, Jem thought Marmalade was going to swat her. The orange cat’s paw twitched, then settled back down on the ground before she spoke. “You’ve never spent time with him. He is my respected colleague who I should have consulted before traipsing off to earth with you. Furthermore—”
“Why does there have to be a furthermore?” Jem cried.
The orange cat opened her mouth, but before any more words spilled out, she stopped, lifted her nose to the air and took quite a big sniff. “Mountain lion,” she whispered to Jem. “No more dawdling! Invite me in.”
Jem shivered. It was rather cold out here. And she certainly didn’t want to be eaten by a mountain lion. It would be an unfortunate ending at any time, but it would be particularly sad after you made a decision to come home. Yet the house looked so unfriendly.
Marmalade butted the calico cat’s side with her head. “Would you please get going?” She gave Jem one final push towards the door, which opened when the calico cat tumbled against it and fell across the threshold into a sudden blaze of light.

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