Original Poetry: The Joy of NaNoWriMo

Hello wordsmiths, Wrimos, storytellers and writing gurus,
Today I have a poem I wrote to get you geared up for NaNoWriMo, which starts in fifteen days! Enjoy my tribute to this exciting challenge for novice and expert writers alike. Happy plotting, pantsing, plantsing and writing.

November has been set aside
for national novel writing.
Writers from around the world
Find this month exciting.

Novices and experts
Race against the clock
Words are counted every day
As time goes by, tick-tock

Will you get your 50k
Or will you fall behind
Writing your first draft
As November unwinds.

If you don’t reach the monthly goal,
Don’t worry, you’re still a winner
To celebrate your daily word count
Why not go out with friends for dinner!

Come join your fellow WriMos
A story you must tell,
Write something new, revise something old
Break the rules and rebel!.

The pressure’s on, the steaks are high
To get those precious words penned down
You’re not alone in your writing stride,
For writers hale from far and near,
You may find some in your own home town.

Will you come along with me,
My beloved writing friend
And join this challenge in November?
The furious writing doesn’t end
Until the first day of December.

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