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Thursday August 29, 2019

MORE ABOUT THEA RAMSAY (in her own words)…

“I’ve been a Christian for a long time. I’m Baptist, and have undergone the believer’s baptism twice—the first time when I was fourteen, the second time in the Pacific Ocean off Maui, with my late husband.
I’ve been writing since before I could spell. I still remember writing a short story in which I spelled magic “M-A-D-J-I-K.” Ha ha.
I’m a voracious reader, and still like magic, however you spell it. Not witchcraft, of course; I mean fantasies and fairy tales, which have delighted people for centuries.
I was born blind, have chronic pain from a variety of conditions, and a serious mental illness called borderline personality disorder.
I’m concerned about so much darkness and dystopic material in books and movies today. My mother liked horror, the strange and terrible, whereas I’ve always been attracted by beauty, the strange and lovely.
My favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and 17. It’s still the best news I’ve heard all day. 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 13-18 are also my favorite verses, as they deliver still more good news re the rapture of the church.
I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that true believers in Jesus Christ are called his bride.
My fave book in the Bible is the Song of Songs.
Anyway, I like soft, romantic, beautiful things. There’s not enough of that anymore in the world, so my writing is about that.”

Thea’s latest book is entitled Lucy.

Ten-year-old Lucy and her parents live on Earth in the last throes of its final holocaust. Their only hope is being accepted as refugees on another world, but one rejection letter after another eats away at their hope, while death closes in on them. Hope revives when a stranger arrives with a letter of acceptance from the mysterious planet Andorpha.

While Lucy, her best friend, Kim, and her parents wait to board the space ship, her parents are killed. Lucy faces danger and growth as she comes to grips with her parents’ death and the strange customs of Andorpha. While Kim laps up Andorphian love like warm milk, Lucy wonders if it’s all too good to be true. When Lucy learns the Andorphians believe their planet is under a curse, she begins to suspect there is a reason that she and her family were so readily accepted as refugees. Do they expect her to be the antidote to an ancient curse?

When Kim urges Lucy to accept the Andorphians and their way of life, the only shot at life they have, Lucy is certain she’s right. But all is not what it seems.

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