Inspirational Journeys Presents: Special Guest Interview with Cynthia MacGregor

Today’s guest is an author of 100 published books, a freelance ghost writer and editor, and the host of the Crimson Cloak Publishing Radio Sho. Continue reading to learn more.

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Cynthia MacGregor
Thursday August 15, 2019



Multi-published author and freelance editor Cynthia MacGregor can claim over 100 books of hers that have been published since 1993, when her first book came out. And that total doesn’t include books she’s ghostwritten for clients. She writes for both adults and kids; and oddly, while her books for adults are almost entirely nonfiction, her books for kids are predominantly fiction. She works 7 days a week, with time off for church on Sundays, and puts in long hours every day. People who know her call her “the Energizer bunny.” She just keeps going and going. Cyn, as she likes to be called, loves her work and her life and says, “There’s no one in the world I’d want to trade lives with.”

Our featured book is entitled Wisdom from a Happy Woman – book 2

Book Description:

This motivational/inspirational book is a follow-on to Book 1 of the same title and is composed of short, thoughtful, uplifting passages—they’re not really essays; they’re shorter than that and not at all ponderous as an essay can often be.

Purchase link:!/~/cart

Excerpt (optional):


Dreams are the jet engines that help our hopes take flight. Dreams—it is not night dreams we are talking about here, but wishes and hopes—propel us into adventures and accomplishments we might not otherwise reach for. Without dreams, either we have no goals at all or puny ones at best.

Are you content to plod through life, drifting from day to day just getting by and seeing what tomorrow brings—which is probably “more of same”? Are you so devoid of wishes and dreams (or have you totally given up hope of seeing them come to fruition, to the extent that you’ve abandoned them), that you don’t try to improve your life in any aspect?

Even if you have a decent job, career, or profession, earn a steady income, and have no reason to worry about losing your position—even if you’re in a good relationship, whether or not you’re legally married, and you’re happy with the way things are…even if you live in a comfortable home, be it a rural farmhouse, suburban house or condo, urban apartment or loft—even if you have all these things, isn’t there something more you would like?

Dream it—and then reach for it.

Maybe you’d like to live on a houseboat. Maybe you’d like to travel to a far-off, exotic site—a rainforest, an Old-World city filled with ancient ruins, an Oriental location reasonably untouched by modern civilization, a mountaintop that only a brave and daring few have scaled. Maybe you’d like to see an invention of yours reach the marketplace and become the next hot sensation. Maybe you’d like to start a new charity or other organization that promotes a cause. Maybe you’d like to write the much-vaunted Great American Novel (although I think Mark Twain has already laid claim to that achievement—but maybe you’d like to write TGAN for this century). Or, if not The Great American Novel, then at least a best-seller.

But how will you accomplish any of these things if you don’t aspire to them?

It all starts with a dream.

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