Character Interview with Joseph Roundtree

Hello everyone in the blogosphere,
Today I have another character interview for you. I’m talking with Joseph Roundtree, Becca Martin’s grandfather. Let’s see what he will be led by the Holy spirit to tell us today.

Ann: Welcome to my blog, Joseph.

Joseph: Thanks for having me, but I can’t stay long.

Ann: What can you tell us about the end of your life here on Earth, which takes place at the end of Journey to the Mountaintop?

Joseph: I can’t tell you much, because I would spoil the story for your readers. However, that Jason Miller is a very troubled young man. He loves my Becca, but he can’t truly love her with his whole heart until he finds forgiveness from God.

Ann: What do you know of the pain he suffers?

Joseph: I don’t know much, but I know that boy has been hurt in his life, and there’s someone he has to forgive, or he won’t find the peace he richly deserves.

Ann: Do you think he’ll find forgiveness?

Joseph: Eventually, but it’s gonna take a lot of praying.

Ann: What about his love for Becca?

Joseph: That will blossom once he finds true forgiveness. For now, I need him to promise to love and protect her through whatever trials she faces. That’s what I have to do before God calls me home.

Ann: Will you come back into my stories as a supernatural being, like Mary?

Joseph: That all depends on what God tells me to do. You have to pray and ask him to show you the story He has for you to tell. The important thing for you to do is tell Mary’s story, once this book is done. She can tell you what happened, for all I saw was the aftermath of the accident.

Ann: Can you give me some pointers on how this story should end?

Joseph: All I can say, is that Mary is with me during the last moments on the Earth. She talks to Becca and Jason. She must relay my message to Jason, but I cannot tell you how she does this. I must go now, for my race is nearly run. Blessings to you for writing my story and for introducing me to your readers. Good-bye, my dear. We shall meet again in another story.

Tears fill my eyes as I watch Joseph fade into the darkness. I must go and finish my story, for I can hear Mary now, making her husband’s last request to them on his behalf.

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