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Today I have a special treat for you. This is not an introduction to a podcast episode, but one of your favorite types of content. Today’s post is a character interview with Marleen Dawson from Journey to the Mountaintop: A stepping stones Mystery, which will be coming out by the end of this year. Stay tuned to your online book retailors and bookstores for this exciting new Stepping Stones mystery. Without further ado, let me introduce my new character.

Ann: Welcome to my blog, Marleen. Let’s start today’s interview with one important question. Why did you decide to work for Wildebeest and Genevieve at the beginning of my book?

Marleen: I won’t give any spoiler alerts, but Jennifer is my charge and so was Lydia. That Willie McCarthy is a bad, bad man and if he gets his hooks into you there’s no stopping until Genevieve is satisfied. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he only does what she wants, to protect his little girl. But don’t let Genevieve fool you, she’s a piece of work, let me tell you. That woman is evil!

Ann What made you change your mindset and decide to help Jennifer and Becca solve the case?

Marleen: Lydia’s death.

Ann: How did her death make you change your point of view?

Marleen: I admit I was a mean old lady when I worked for Willie. That is until he left the house to do Genevieve’s bidding. Then, I provided Lydia with supplies to keep her going, so she wouldn’t be drugged like that girl he killed early on in the story. You’ll have to read the book when it comes out to see who I’m talking about. Anyway, Lydia was a bit naïve. She thought the sun rose and set in Willie’s eyes, but he wasn’t her daddy, you know. He just raised her up, because she was Genevieve’s girl. That woman despised Jennifer!

Ann: Did she resent Jennifer in any way, fashion or form?

Marleen: A bit. Plus, she felt guilty for killing Angela Grace, who would’ve raised that girl right if she’d lived. I’m kind of glad she left that journal for Jen to find. Tells a girl a little about her maw, don’t you think? Anyway, like I said before, Genevieve couldn’t stand Jennifer getting close to her Lydia, but Willie would have none of that nonsense. He loved his girl to death, and he wanted her and Lydia to have a chance to bond like sisters, you know, so that’s what they did. Though Jennifer never knew the truth until that girl was killed needlessly.

Ann: That doesn’t explain Genevieve’s bitterness toward Jennifer.

Marleen. Genevieve wasn’t bitter toward Jen per se, she was bitter because Willie wouldn’t let her have her own way. He controlled how she raised the girls, he made sure they had a roof over their heads and made a life for themselves, when all Genevieve wanted to do was throw Jennifer in a foster home.

Ann: Would the truth have come out in the book itself if we hadn’t had this conversation today?

Marleen: In bits and pieces, but not all of it.

Ann: What do you mean?

Marleen: I ain’t going to spoil it for your readers, but there is a lot Genevieve would have left out of her story, because she’s in denial. She doesn’t believe she did anything wrong, because she only sees what she wants to see. That’s why, when I discovered the truth, I had to get out of there, before I was accused of something that I didn’t do.

Ann: What did you do?

Marleen: Me and the Lord had us a long talk. I told him about my sins, and how I was wrong for working for those goons. I prayed that Willie would get saved before he had to go to jail. I also asked for His forgiveness. That’s when I decided to help the police solved Lydia’s murder.

Ann: Did this talk between you and God happen as you climbed back down the mountain?

Marleen: No! I told you, I talked with the Lord, before I decided to help solve the case, so obviously that happened before I volunteered to go with Jennifer and her friend Becca.

Ann: Where did you have your initial talk with God about what you’d done?

Marleen: After Lydia found her way out of the rose room, I used it for my prayer closet. It’s a nice place to hide from prying eyes, if you know what I mean.

Ann: okay, so what happens during your trek down the mountain?

Marleen: You’ll have to write that part of your story and see. However, I can tell you one thing, you made Mary disappear? That ain’t right, so you’d better write her back in there, because she and I have a nice long talk.

Ann: Yes ma’am! Tell me one thing, what did you talk about?

Marleen: Nope, can’t tell you that. You’ll just have to listen to our conversation to find out. Now, I got to get back to my journey, because I got two girls to save from impending doom. (Marleen walks away humming her favorite hymn.)

Well, there you have it, folks. We now know a little more about Marleen Dawson, and I have a character conversation to eavesdrop on. I highly recommend that you read A Journey of Faith, while I’m working feverishly to get this next book out, for if you wait to read this one, you’ll be lost. I have included the promo information and a cover photo below, so you can get your hands on a copy of my novel. Until next time, happy reading and writing, and have a blessed day.
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A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery

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