Inspirational Journeys presents: Special Guest Interview with Janine Wills

Today’s guest is the author of a Christian Romance series, set in Texas during the 1880s. Listen as we discuss her writing process and how she became inspired to write this western style series.


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Janine Mick Wills
Tuesday July 9, 2019



As far back as she can remember, Janine Mick Wills, a native of Columbus, Ohio, has loved the Lord and the written word. A former pastor’s wife, she now resides in South Carolina with her retired Air Force husband, where she heads the ladies’ ministry at her church and fills every spare minute writing for the glory of God. Janine considers a Child of the King to be her most important title, but she also enjoys being called a wife, a mom, and a mamaw to seven grandchildren.

Her featured book is entitled: Cassandra and the Cowboy (The first novel in Texas Treasures, a three-book inspirational series)

Book description:

Cassandra Pickett is one prayer away from giving up on God. The tragic death of her father and the devastating results of the Great Drought of 1886 have centered the family ranch, the Triple P, in the crosshairs of the Goose Neck Ridge Bank of Texas. Desperate to save the Triple P, Cassandra sees only one option: marriage to Phillip Brigham, her neighbor and local cattle baron, who promises to repay her father’s loan. When the enigmatic Matt Atkins shows up looking for a job, Cassandra wonders if the cowboy could be the answer to her prayer instead. As they work side by side, Cassandra’s feelings for Matt deepen, and she envisions the possibility of marrying for love and not out of necessity. But her dreams are shattered when she discovers Matt harbors a hidden agenda for the Triple P. Will Cassandra have to turn to Phillip after all, or will God take the shards of her broken dreams and create something far beyond what she could ever hope for?

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Available in Kindle and paperback

Planting her hands on her hips, she looked up into the cowboy’s amused eyes. “Do you have any idea what you just did?”
“Beggin’ your pardon, ma’am, I thought I chased off an unwanted varmint. Aren’t ya glad I arrived when I did?”
Cassandra caught the word yes before it slipped from her lips.
The cowboy stepped closer. “In my opinion, that fellow needed his plow cleaned.”
“I did not ask for your opinion nor did I ask you to barge up here and interfere.”
“Well, I didn’t exactly barge, ma’am. My horse just trotted here. And I didn’t think savin’ a damsel in distress was interferin’.” He thrust a hand under her chin. “Let’s try again. My name’s Matthew Atkins, but my friends call me Matt.”
When Cassandra eyed his outstretched hand, he chuckled. “Ma’am, your name?”
“Stop calling me ma’am. My name is Cassandra Jane Pickett, and I am not a damsel in distress.”
“Plum nice to meet ya, Cassandra Jane.” Matt’s eyes twinkled a merry blue. “I meant no harm callin’ you a damsel, but you did look a wee bit in distress.”
Cassandra tried to flounce past the cowboy, but he sidestepped and blocked her path. She pulled a wry face and tried again, but this time, she tripped on the hem of her dress. Matt’s arms snaked out and caught her, his calloused thumbs brushing the inside of her wrists. Cassandra fought the quiver edging up her back.
“Would you kindly unhand me?” she asked, breaking free from his hold.
“Whoa there. Would you mind tellin’ me why you’re as upset as a prairie hen dunked sideways in the river? Where I come from, a man who doesn’t protect a woman’s honor isn’t worth spittin’ on.”
“My honor was fully under control, thank you, and I did not need your help, and I certainly don’t want your spit.”
“I don’t mean to feed your fire, ma’am, but things looked different from where I stood.”
“Maybe you should stand someplace else.”
Matt shuffled a step to his left and presented a maddening grin. “How about over here? Better?”
“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.” She stomped a foot. “Are all men so aggravating?”
“I’ll be the first to admit we men have our moments. But the one I chased off didn’t deserve a moment or the time of day.”

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