Original Poetry: My Walk with the Lord

A gentle early morning breeze
Plants its kiss upon my face,
The morning sun shines down on me,
It’s light will not erace
My most precious memory
Of God’s amazing grace
As I call the name of Jesus.

As I take my morning walk
I lift my voice in prayer,
my Lord and I will have a talk
I’ll tell him of my cares.

I’ll start my conversation
With words of love and praise,
And in my meditation
I’ll stop and feel the rays
Of the morning sun upon my face.

I’ll pray for friends and loved ones
As God’s amazing grace
Reaches down to touch them
In His own special way.

I’ll stop to hear the melody
Of my front porch chimes
As they sing their song to me,
Without reason, without rhyme.

Thus ends my morning walk outside,
But not my walk with God,
He’ll always be there by my side,
Leading me to walk the path
Where heavenly angels trod.

Will you walk with God today
And let Him give you rest?
Will you take his yoke upon you,
Will you hear him and be blessed?

I pray the Holy Spirit
Will through my words impart,
His gentle loving kindness
To heal your troubled heart.

May God’s love surround you,
May my words ring true,
Today I say a special prayer
God, bless, you!

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