Original Poetry: Spontaneous Verses

The following was inspired by the most recent episode of the Jen Lowry Writes Podcast. She gave us the exercise she gave her writing club, which was to take a sound you hear and connect it with something you either see or feel and turn it into poetry. The poem has to be spontaneous, so now I challenge you to write your poem on the spot.
Spontaneous Verses

The hum of the air conditioner,
The ping of my phone
There’s a sound outside
That to me is unknown.

Oh what could it be?
I can’t look to see.
It sounds rather strange,
Yet harmonizing to me.

Is it a windchime or bell?
Likely not, but do tell
The story behind it
If there’s one to be found,
There’s no hidden feeling
In the depths of this sound.

Does it matter to me,
What that sound might be?
Is it an odd bit of noise
Distracting to me?

I don’t think so,
For it’s off in the distance.
A hum, soft and low
Heard from afar
By mere happenstance.

It may be a vehicle
Going down the highway,
I’m not quite sure,
But that’s okay.

The sound it inspired me
To write this verse
Without reason or rhyme
Never rehearsed.

Umbrellas and chairs
Out on the beach,
I’m stuck inside
Yet in my reach
My keyboard,
My iPad,
my iPhone screen
A song in my heart
my story in a dream.

My stories so short,
My novels so long,
It’s high time to bring
An end to this song.

For I should be writing
And you should too,
Stories to tell,
and things to do.
This verse I shall end
With God bless you.

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