Original poetry and a podcast episode

Today I share a progress update and a bit of writing encouragement for my listeners. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Progress update in writing encouragement https://anchor.fm/inspirational-journeys/episodes/Progress-update-in-writing-encouragement-e3r6gn

I also wrote the following poem after being challenged to tell people about my author world by a friend on her podcast this morning. We need to tell others that we are authors and writers, so they can find our books. Here are my thoughts on the art of sharing our dreams and our professions with others:

Welcome to my Author World

I’m a writer,
I’m an author,
I’m a dreamer girl.
How do I tell people
About my author world?

Do I wear it on a t-shirt
Or on a special jewel?
Or speak it out loud,
No matter how cruel,
The world can be
To those of us who write?
Our minds keep creating,
Both day and night.

Writing our stories
And dreaming up new ones,
Over the years I’ve realized
I am not alone.

I’ve made writer friends
Who love to sit and talk,
About how their story ends.
And when they take a walk
Or drive in the countryside
their stories are never finished.
Their thoughts wander far and wide,
Never to be diminished.

We’re afraid to mention our author world
To those who don’t understand,
But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t
Try to take a stand
And tell the world of our colling
Given to us by God.
For we authors walk the path
writers before us once trod.

Don’t be afraid to tell the world
About your author journey,
For God has placed us in this world,
Made for writers Like you and me.

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