My Podcast Entitled Inspirational Journeys is available on Multiple platforms

Hey everyone,


I’m writing to inform you that my podcast called Inspirational Journeys is now available on the following platforms as of this post. New platforms are being added all the time, so stay tuned and search for Inspirational Journeys on your favorite podcast app.


Podcast URL’s:






google podcasts:


Radio Public:


Pocket Casts:




Please be sure to subscribe on your favorite app, leave a reating or review and share it with your friends.


Thanks and have a blessed and happy Easter. Enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones, because each moment that passes by is a moment you’ll never  get back.

Remember that brick walls have been put in your path to test how much you want to succeeed and how hard you are willing to fight to push through the barriers, in order to do the work for which God has called you.


So, I challenge you today, to go out there and read to get inspired, write something inspiring and share your creation with the world. For when you’ve touched one life, you’ve touched a thousand. Happy writing and God Bless.

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