A poem and a challenge #writephoto

The  poem below was inspired by the post found at the following link

Thursday photo prompt: Beyond #writephoto


I stand in the shadow of the trees,

As through a colorful rainbow

The sunshine beckons to me.


Two trees make a triangle,

through which I cannot see,

Unless I stare into the gap

at a lawn so brilliant and free.


Should I stand in the shadows alone?

Or find my way around

the trees pressed together

into the morning sun?


Time seems to stand still

While pushing through the wall

I step out on the grass

the sunlight kissing my cheek

as beams of light fall

all around me.


I find I’m no longer alone

as bird song welcomes me.

Darkness turns to dawn

and in the light, I see

the rainbow fading away

its colors dancing through the trees.


The day shines beautiful and bright

with a flag flying high in the breeze

As God reaches out His hand,

Through the darkness to rescue me.


Out in the open I now stand

my spirit flying free

to follow God’s divine plan

and complete each creative task

which has been chosen for me.


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Happy writing and have a blessed day.

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