Two Poems in One Post, in Honor of National Poetry Month

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Today, I have two poems to share with you. The first is a link to the poem posted on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo and the second is a poem I built off the Mermaid Fingernails story I posted yesterday.Please enjoy both poems and let us know what you think by commenting on each of our blogs. Also, if you like them, be sure to give these little gems a like and a share or two, I dare you!”


The first poem can be found here:

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And now, for my poem entitled Mermaid Fingernails.


Happy reading and God bless.


I stand on top of a sand dune,

mermaid fingernails float to me on a wave.

a magical wind carries them away

before I can gather my courage

to pick up the delicate shells

and place them in a bag I save

for trinkets I find on the shore.


The wind lifts them over the water

to find mermaids from whence they came.

I lost my only chance to capture

a shell that has never before,

been gazed upon by the naked eye.


Will the mermaid fingernails appear once more

To be blown away with the tide?

In my heart forever more,

This precious memory I shall hide.

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