Original Poetry: The Flow of Words

Words flow like raindrops

on a summer day,

Though sometimes they fly

Far far away,

like unexpected scenes

across the movie screen

of my mind.


Drifting like a waterfall

my characters they tell me all

The things I need to know

for stories that I so

long to tell.


It’s my job to capture

The words I hold so dear

before they disappear

to leave me far behind.


If I don’t take my pen

and write these nuggets down

slipping through my hands

they flutter to the ground

like pennies being tossed

in a wishing well.


While at other times,

They float upon the air

inspire and make me dare

To write poetry.


How do they come to you,

in your creative zone

racing like the wind

Or trickling one by one

As you sit all alone

In your writing space?


Rippling soft and sweet

Like leaves from a tree

they make my day complete

heedless of the place

where They find me.

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