A progress update and a post about social media marketing

Hey Y’all, today I have a post to share with you, but first, I need to give y’all a progress update on my writing.


This month, for Camp NaNoWriMo, I have set my goal to fifty hours. Although I posted my project as Winter Haven Rescue, I find myself working on Journey to the Mountaintop. I have stitched up some plot holes, connected some disjointed scenes and split one chapter into three in a couple of places. I may have more chapters, but they are shorter and they keep the book moving at a faster pace than when I started writing it.


Yesterday I put in four and a half hours, which brings my hourly total to 9.5, but you can’t put in half hour increments on the goal updater, so I had to round up to ten. I’m going to put in a couple more hours today and see how many plot holes I can stitch up or scenes I can dump and rewrite, so pray for me and wish me luck


Now, without further ado, here’s a post about social media marketing. Please give this post a like and a share or two, and be sure to leave a comment on Ari’s blog.

Blessings and happy writing.



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