Featured Book of the Week: Words of Life: Poems and Essays by Ann Chiappetta

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Thanks to all of you who commented on Joan Myles’s book last week. This week I have another fabulous book of poetry to share with you.

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Our featured book of the week is entitled Words of Life: Poems and Essays, written by Ann Chiappetta



Beautifully and powerfully, the author writes about both the light and dark sides of life. Here are poems and essays about nature, blindness, social isolation, families, dogs, delightful scents, and the power of the muse. Just as in her first book, Upwelling, there is no fluff here. To read Ann Chiappetta’s works is to feel them deeply, appreciate them mightily, and remember them forever.


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The writing muscle


Pumps ideas from gray matter


The writing muscle

Is a narsisist

Caring not for other obligations

Pouting when ignored


The muscle

requires attention,

exercise, nurturing


Sometimes it even demands control like

Symbiotic partnerships


And then, like the actions

Demanded by a well pumped

bicep or quadriceps

It will tremble with effort and delight

Overtake the writer’s chore list


Odorous Laundry piles ignored

Phone calls delayed

And an occasional burnt dinner entrée

fall victim

To the whims of

The Schwarzenegger Muse.


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About the Author:


Ann Chiappetta M.S. is an author   and poet.  Her writing has been featured in many small press publications and collegiate journals. Ann’s nonfiction essays have been printed in Dialogue magazine. And her poems are often featured in Magnets and Ladders. Her poetry is also included in Breath and Shadow’s 2016 debut anthology, Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow.  Her first collection, UPWELLING: POEMS and FOLLOW YOUR DOG A STORY OF LOVE AND TRUST, released in 2016 and 2017, are available in both eBook and print formats from:




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Until next time, God bless you and may you find your next great read.

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