A Writing Update and a Chat with one of my Fantasy Characters

Hello everyone,

Today I am coming to you with another character interview, from my fantasy novel in progress, entitled Winter Haven Rescue.

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Before we get started, I’d like to update you on my writing progress. I am nearly 26,000 words into the novel and I am loving every minute of it. When I did my last character interview with one of my Native Beacons, I originally named Maylani (now Malaya), I told you that I would publish it on March tenth. However, as you have seen, that didn’t happen. Okay, so now I have a little wiggle room with this novel, now that I’m not under so much pressure to get it out there. This time, I’d like you to meet one of Maxim and Malaya’s human assistants. Her name is Anastacia and she is blind like me. She has an amazing guide dog, which I’d like to interview at some point in the near future. But for now, let’s talk with Anastasia and see what information she has in store for us today.


Me: Hello Anastasia! (I give her a hug). Welcome to my blog. May I get you something before we get started? Tea? Coffee or something else? How about a snack?


Anastasia: No thanks, I’m fine. Star, find a seat. (Dog leads her to my table and she sits across from me).


“Well, tell me about this amazing dog you have? When did you notice there was something different about her? Has she transformed into an eagle since you’ve had her, or did this happen all of a sudden?


Anastasia: First of all, I didn’t notice anything different, until a few days before Maxim came to take us to Winter Mountain. Let me tell you, it’s a crazy world out here. I’m seeing things through my inner vision that I’ve never seen before.

Star hasn’t always been able to shape shift and speak to me the way she does now. I don’t know what gave her these special powers, but I’m glad she has them.


Me: What happens to her harness when she transforms? I had a guide dog once, but in the real world, dogs don’t have shape shifting powers. These fantastical powers only happen in books like yours.


Anastasia: Of course not! In the real-world dogs are ordinary animals, like you are an ordinary person. However, in fiction, especially the book you are writing for us, anything can happen. When Star transforms into an eagle, her harness shrinks to size and her handle grows longer. In this way, if she has to carry one of us to a specific destination, we just grab the handle and hang on. It’s quite a wild ride if you ask me.

(Star nudges Anastasia).


Star: Anastasia, we need to go, Bartholomew needs us to check on Katia.


Me: Hello Star! Why must you leave so soon, your handler and I were having a lovely chat.


Star: I know! And just when I was enjoying a nice little snooze. But I got a summons from the gnome on top of Winter Mountain. When he calls, we go see him.


Anastasia: It’s been fun talking to you, but like Star said, when we get a summons or there’s a magical force pulling us to a specific destination, we have to make a break for it. It’s been fun chatting, but we’ve got business to attend to. (She and Star fly away).


Me: Well, she won’t be able to answer the millions of questions I have for her. Stay tuned for another fabulous character interview and writing update.


Until next time, happy writing and God bless.

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