March–Promote Your Book Party!

Stories Outside the Box: An Electric Eclectic Book
Written by Ann Harrison
a little book filled with magic, ferries, music, an angel or two, and even a bit of mystery.
Fly away on the wings of a simple drop of rain with Anna as she follows the music that fills her heart.
Have you ever had a breakdown in the middle of the road and wondered how you’d get home? Read about the miraculous end to what could have been a perilous journey for Bill and his family.
Mystery buffs and techno geeks will love An Unusual Glitch, a story about a county wide technology glitch that threatens to ruin the county’s computer infrastructure, if the problem isn’t resolved before it’s too late. Enjoy a couple of new mysteries along the way.
You may be enchanted by a Christmas miracle that starts with a child’s prayer and a tinkling bell.
Ride in a sleigh carried on the wings of a snowflake, ride the wind on the wings of an autumn leaf or fly away on a swing!
There’s an adventure waiting for readers of all ages in each delightful little story.

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