Info about my latest interviews and a couple of special announcements

Hello to all you fine bloggers and book lovers everywhere:

Today I’d like to give everyone a little update about what’s been going on in my writing world over the last month, and some information about what I’ve got coming up.


My latest author interviews


Although I’ve been in a lot of interviews where I’ve appeared on author’s’ blogs, the interviews that stand out to me the most are the one on one conversations I have with fellow writers who either conduct interviews on YouTube or their own podcasts. Let me share a bit of how I met the two people I recently spoke with in February, and share the interview links with you so that you can see and/or hear them for yourself.


First of all, I’d like to share with you the interview I did with Matt Whiteside from Uniweb Productions. I was hanging out on Twitter one evening, after searching for the writing community hashtag. Under this hash tag, Mat had tweeted a link to his first author interview.

After listening to the interview on his YouTube channel, I sent him a tweet, asking if he’d like to interview me. From this initial tweet, we followed each other and he explained how his interview process works Via Direct message: “I interview authors on Skype and record the videos, which I post on my YouTube Channel.”

After connecting on Twitter, I emailed Mat my media kit and we connected on Skype. The following interview was recorded on February 12 and it was posted two weeks later.


The second conversation I had was a podcast interview, which I did On February 27. I spoke with the amazing Win Charles, who is a teacher, a published author and a journalism major. What inspires me about Win, is the fact that she does all this work, despite her Cerebral Palsy. Although we had a few kinks in the process, one accessibility issue with her calendar site, and Uber Conferencing acting squirrely in the middle of the show, she and I had a wonderful chat.

I virtually met win through her guest appearance on the How Do You Write Podcast with Rachael Herron. The following evening, I decided to scroll through the writing community tweets on Twitter and one of Win’s tweets appeared on my search buffer. I replied to her tweet and complimented win on her interview. That’s when she asked if she could interview me. I sent her a direct message with my email address and she and her assistant both emailed me to schedule my podcast appearance. The interview can be found in two parts at the following links:


Book sale alert

A Journey of Faith ebook.jpg

As part of the Smashwords “Read an eBook week” sale, A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery is on sail for $2.00, now through Saturday March 9. To take advantage of this special discount, please visit:

and click on the affiliate link for Smashwords. At checkout, you’ll be given a special coupon code you can use to participate in this fantastic eBook Extravaganza!


Upcoming event

outside the box.jpg

How would you like to join me in a double celebration! Sunday March 10 is my Birthday and I am rebranding Stories Outside the Box under the Electric Eclectic Books brand. On March tenth at 2 PM eastern, come join me and several of my fellow Electric Eclectic authors for a book launch event on Facebook. I’ll have a couple of contests and some author interviews, and I’ll have some other fun and exciting activities on that day. We’ll get things kicked off with a round robin, where I start a story and anyone who wants to participate can add to the story in the comments below my post. To join my book launch/Birthday virtual party, all you have to do is visit the following link:

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