Writing prompt: Bleed Ink

Hello everyone,

Tonight I have a challenge for you. Before I give you the writing prompt, let me explain how I became inspired to publish a post like this.


I was listening to The Jen Lowry Writes podcast last night, and Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry gave us listeners the following challenge: She said that she was talking to her students about her love of The Hobbit, when one of her students told her that she must bleed ink. Pardon the paraphrase, Jen. That compliment prompted her to challenge us to write a poem, short story, blog post or whatever strikes our fancy on the topic of bleeding ink.


On the heels of this challenge, I’d like to pose a few questions for you to consider. Do we writers mentally bleed ink? What if we physically bled ink instead of blood? Would our wounds turn into words on the page, or do our mental wounds do that on a daily or every other day or so basis?


My answers to these questions are as follows:

prompt photo

If we physically bled ink, I don’t think writing would be any easier for us. If we bled ink, we’d have ink stains instead of words wherever we bled. However, I do believe that as writers, some of us mentally bleed ink, because there are those writers who use pen and paper to write down their thoughts, while there are those of us who mentally bleed words onto a computer screen as ideas form into our heads. On the other hand, the printers that writers and/or publishers use to transfer the written words from the computer or mobile device onto the physical page, are the tools that actually bleed the ink.


Now, it’s your turn to take on this writing prompt. You can either answer my questions on your own blog or in the comments below, or you can take the words “bleeding ink” and turn them into a poem, essay or story of your own and share your creative piece on your blog. No matter what challenge you choose to undertake, please share your response in the comments, or leave a pingback to this post in your original blog post.


Until next time, I hope you have a lot of fun with this prompt. Happy writing and God bless you.

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