Who I Would Want to have Either Coffee or Dinner with, and Why

Hello everyone, Today my post has been inspired by a question that Win Charles asks many of her guests on her podcast called Ask Win. That question is as follows: “If you could have coffee with anyone, living or dead, who would that person be and why?” My answer is as follows:   If I … Read more

Four on Friday

First of all, before I send you to visit this original post, I want to thank Rainne for sharing my books.

On another note, please stay tuned for an updated version of Stories Outside the Box, because I am planning to rebrand it Under Electric Eclectic Books, Satisfy your desire.

Finally, along with the genres I read, I also love fantasy, which I will ad to my bio for future posts. I hope you enjoy this post and please go out and pick up one or all of my books for your reading pleasure. Remember, writing from the heart adds value to your life.

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