How often do you unplug? #writinglife

As a blind person, I rely on technology to help me read. However, when I get my monthly short stories magazine in Braille, I take it when my parents and I goto pick up my daughter for visitation. Although I have my phone in my pocket, it’s while I am riding that I simply read and listen to the radio. I have been known to drift off to sleep while reading, but that’s about the only time I truely unplug from my device completely. However, there are times when I turn my computer off and listen to podcasts or read books through audio or my kindles via Alexa on my Echo Dot. While I am listening to my device, I pick up my crochet and work on that. However, I’m not necessarily checking twitter or comments from other apps when I am in this relaxed listening state.
For me to truly unplug from all devices, wouldn’t be feasible. However, even though I bring my phone into the kitchen when we have family meals, it stays in my pocket, unless I’m listening to a podcast while eating alone.

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