Character interview with Maylani Beacon

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I know I’ve been sharing a lot of valuable posts on my blog, but today, I have a character interview with Maylani. She is a magical creature I created called a native beacon. She stands about six feet tall, with a wing span of about six feet. I have just finished working on an article for the week and I settle on my bed to listen to the first of many podcasts, when a flute-like tone and a scratch on my door announces the arrival of my guest. So, without further ado let’s make welcome Maylani Beacon!


Me: Hi Maylani, welcome to my humble home.

Maylani: I don’t see how you got me inside your small camper. I’m so big and all, but thanks for inviting me anyway.

Me: Why don’t you wait out here while I fix us a drink and grab a few nibbles? I can make either tea or coffee for you. Which would you like?

Maylani: I personally like tea with milk and lots of sugar. However, if I’m out on a rescue mission, I will drink the juice from some of the natural roots of my world.

Me: I have a few tidbits to snack on as well. Would you like some pretzels, chips, or maybe a cookie or two?

Maylani: I’d rather go outside and nibble on natural plants, but for your sake, I’ll stick to fruit if you have it.

Me: Ok, how about some strawberries?

Maylani: Fine by me.”

Me: Hang on while I bring our refreshments outside. I follow her out onto the front porch, where I sit on the swing as she nibbles on her strawberries and a few dead leaves on the ground.

Me: Now that we’re nice and comfy, let’s get started, shall we? First of all, tell me a little about your family.

Maylani: There’s not much to tell. My father sits in his paddock all day long, making sure we get the assignments that will best suit our abilities. He always underestimates mine, so I get what I call light assignments, while my younger brother Maxim gets more of the heavy stuff. That’s not to say he gets the most dangerous assignments, because there are elder beacons who are sent out on wild and exciting adventures that neither of us are brave enough or experienced enough to undertake.

Me: Why don’t you tell your father about your abilities?

Maylani: If I did that, he’d either exile me from the land or send me out with the elders. I don’t fancy going on some of the life-threatening missions they are assigned.

Me: Are all these dangerous assignments rescue missions?

Maylani: No, many of them are, but some are fighting evil enemies like Fire Fly. However, these demons don’t fight fire with fire, they fight with weapons of mass destruction and these elders have sharp claws and fangs they use as their weapons. When they see the elders’ fangs, enemies run for the hills.

Me: Even those with guns?

Maylani: Oh yes, one of our elder beacons had an enemy’s arm bitten clean off his body, before he had a chance to draw his gun. We haven’t had any trouble out of that man and his gang since then. This is why I keep my abilities secret from Maxim and my Father, though I have a sneaky feeling that Maxim knows something.

Me: Oh my! That does sound dangerous. Before we talk about your abilities, I want to ask you about your melodious language. Can you tell us a little about that?

Maylani: We use a flute-like voice when we speak in Beacon Tongue. Our words are spoken in song, though not any tune you’d know if you heard it. We use this language to communicate in private and to summon others of our kind to help us in a dire situation. Let me share with you a sample of what I mean. She sings out a beautiful melody I’ve never heard before. Although I love classical music and flute music in general, this is very unfamiliar.

Me: Would you be so kind and translate for us?

Maylani: I said Thanks for having me on your blog.

Me: Why thanks and you’re quite welcome. That was absolutely awesome. Readers, if you could hear this melody, it would stop you in your tracks and make you take notice. I tell you what! Okay, not that I’ve been nearly swept away by your musical language, I’d like to ask you about your special abilities. Can you share a bit of information about these special abilities and what they are used for?

Maylani: Oh, you know the basic ones, but I can’t divulge too much information about my extra ones, because that would spoil the story for everyone else. All I can say is if I don’t do this, Maxim and the girls will be burned to the ground.

Me: What do you hope to accomplish by going out on your own?

Maylani: I know some special ways to take the dragons down! She chuckles in her musical way.

Me: Can you tell me this much? In your story, you spray rivulets of ice water on Fire Fly. How did you do that?

Maylani: I can tell you this much, this is a defense mechanism that I have no control over. I didn’t even know I could do it until I was threatened. Now, I must end this nice little chat, because Maxim is in need of my help.

The sound of her wings fluttering through the air is heard as I head back inside the house to have a bite of dinner, before slipping back into the camper to listen to a few podcasts and head off to bed. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to finish the story to learn her secret. Good night all and be blessed. Listen, if you like this post, please leave a comment and give it a share or two.

Until next time, this is Ann saying Happy Writing to all!

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