2019: A New Chapter

My 2018 had some ups and downs, I had a change in my personal life, I published two books and republished one and updated another. I’ve had a crazy busy year. However, 2019 is better, because it’s a new year and leads to new beginnings. I am working on two different projects which I hope to have out in the spring. I am also working toward marketing myself more.
I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, I have goals. I say this, because if I make resolutions, they will die after a month or so. I’ll b disappointed in myself, because I’ll feel like I have failed. However, if I make goals, it won’t be so hard on me if I don’t get them all accomplished. I’ll just keep striving to get them done and extend the goals I missed for next year.
Happy new year to you also.

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