Character Interview with Jennifer McCarthy and her Mother

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Yesterday we had a conversation with a confused, scared Lydia McCarthy. She was holding back a bit of information, because she was afraid that her captors were standing away from the truck, listening to her conversation. However, today, I am having a conversation with Jennifer, her adopted sister. Don’t be surprised if their mother, Genevieve pops in to clear up a few minute details.


Ann: Welcome to my blog, Jennifer. What can you tell me about your sister? Was she abused by your father?


Jennifer: Wait a minute, you’re asking too many questions, too fast. First of all, Lydia isn’t my biological sister. She was adopted when she was four. I was eight years old at the time, but I remember sitting at the adoption agency, trying to read a story book, while Mom and Dad went into some office to see about adopting a little girl. My parents changed her last name to McCarthy, so she wouldn’t be recognized by who knows what kind of maniac, at least that’s what I was told. The thing is, I really don’t believe it myself.


Ann: Was Lydia abused after she came to live with you and your parents?


Jennifer: No, but she was a very skittish little girl. Mom protected her quite a lot, because she thought she had some type of disability. She wouldn’t talk until a couple of years after she became part of our family.


Ann: Does she have a disability?


Jennifer: No, she’s smart as a whip, but she wants to believe the best in everybody. I understand that and so do I, but I know when someone isn’t who he appears to be and when things aren’t on the up and up. Lydia was kidnapped after her accident, because she stood there and searched for her car, instead of going home with me and trying to find the car later. Sometimes she doesn’t use her head.


Ann: Do you think Wildebeest could have kidnapped her, no matter whether she’d searched for the vehicle or not? The reason I ask is because he’s the type who strives to get what he wants, no matter what you say.


Jennifer: Yeah, he is, but I really can’t answer that. I think her taking time to search for her car was the opening he needed to take her right then and there. I tried to tell her to come and go home with me, but you see where that led. This is not to say that there isn’t more mystery to be solved, because we don’t know who Wildebeest truly is, even though Lydia believes he’s our father. He could be her biological father for all we know, your readers will have to wait for the book to come out to learn all about him.


Ann: I did an interview with him and he was very snarky. What he doesn’t realize is that I can take the snarkiness right out of him.


Genevieve: Who’s this Wildebeest fellow you’re talking about?


Jennifer: You know, Mom! The big burley guy who drives that Chevy pickup truck.


Genevieve: Oh yeah, the one always hounding me for money, although I haven’t seen him in a while. I wonder where he’s gotten himself off too.


Ann: Well hello there, Genevieve, I didn’t expect you to come walking right into our little chat. What do you have to say to our readers?


Genevieve: I just want to say that Lydia did have some sort of disability, because she didn’t talk for the first two years, she was with us.


Jennifer: You wouldn’t talk if you’d been abused at an early age either, Mom. You know Lydia is smarter than you give her credit for. Why did you baby her like she was a china doll? You never protected me like that.


Genevieve: I had to protect her! She was so fragile as a child. We taught you to be strong, yet Lydia, on the other hand was …


Jennifer; She was what? Weak? Stupid? Come on, Mom, out with it!


Genevieve: Now, Darling, you know she was none of those things. She was just … fragile, that’s all.


Jennifer: Yeah, right! How did you teach me to be strong, by spanking me every time you thought I did something wrong? Dad humiliated me, and you stood there and let him get away with it. I saw plenty of things happen to my sister that he got away with. I won’t explain them here, because that is yet another story and people will have to read the new book coming out to find out.


Ann: Ladies, ladies! No need to argue here. All we want to do is give the readers a little outside knowledge about you, before the book comes out. You know, a teaser.


Jennifer: I know, but Mother needed to know the truth. You are so lost in your own Little World, Mom that you don’t even know that Lydia has been kidnapped.


Genevieve: She’s been what? When?


Jennifer: Yesterday after the accident. Wildebeest side swiped her rear passenger door. It’s a wonder her car wasn’t totaled.


Genevieve: Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I need to go lie down. (Leaves the room on shaky legs)


Jennifer: Well, now you have it. Mom isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. Let me go talk to Becca and Jason for a bit about what’s happened. I’ll see you all later in a book somewhere. (She steps out of the room, closing the door behind her.)


I hope you have enjoyed my chat with Jennifer and the character conversation between Genevieve and her. Keep an eye out for Journey to the Mountaintop, the second Stepping Stones mystery to be released in Early 2019. While you wait, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of A Journey of Faith, if you haven’t already. If you don’t, you’re sure to be lost by picking up the new book, when it comes out and reading it first. If you need the links again, here they are:






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