GDPR – How it Affects Authors in 2018 – With FREE Privacy Policy Template – by Kate Baum…

via GDPR – How it Affects Authors in 2018 – With FREE Privacy Policy Template – by Kate Baum… Authors, pay special attention to this, because I have heard about this on several podcasts, and I have a template that I am going to tweek and post on this site. Stay tuned for my privacy … Read more

A blast fro the past, brings forth writing Inspiration

Hello everyone,   Let me set the scene for you, so you can understand my train of thought and my reason behind my publication of this post. I’m sitting here in my bedroom, playing out a scene in my head from a dream I had the night before. In the dream, I find myself seated … Read more

Introducing Electric Eclectic Books: A Guest post by Karen J. Mossman

Although I have posted about the Electric Eclectic books brand before, I have envited Karen J. Mossman, owner of the Magic of Stories blog, to come onto my blog and give us a full overview. Take it away, Karen. Electric Eclectic Books Karen J Mossman What are they? They are e-book novelettes by different authors … Read more

Today’s Share Your World Challenge q&a

Before I get into the answers to today’s Share Your World challenge, I would like to thank Cee Neuner for the challenge questions this week. To take part in the SYW challenge, please visit .   Now for the SYW Q&A challenge for May 14, 2018.     Before I answer this one, let … Read more

Who should you listen to, reviewers, peers, or readers

If you’re wondering which feedback you should listen to and which you should ignore, check out the following blog post, I found it very helpful and valuable in my own writing career. Happy writing and God Bless. Who Should You Listen to – Reviewers, Peers or Readers?

My heartfelt answers to the Share Your World challenge, inspired by God

Hello everyone, Today I am writing to answer the Share Your World challenge questions, which have been posted on May these answers being a blessing to all my readers, followers, and friends in the blogosphere, via social media, and those I meet as I traverse the journey of faith that God had trod before … Read more