Character Interview with Maxim Beacon, from my story entitled The Native Beacon

Today, my dear readers, I have a special guest. Remember my little blog post about my native beacon story? Today I have the pleasure of speaking with my main Native Bacon character. Without further ado, let’s welcome, (drum roll please), Maxim Beacon!


Ann: Hello Maxim, welcome to my humble blog. Please introduce yourself to all the readers and bloggers out in the blogosphere.


Maxim: Thanks Ann. To start with, as Ann said a minute ago, my name is Maxim Beacon, and I come from a land that many of you may not be familiar with. This land is called Wing Haven, and I live with my parents, and my sister Maylani. Our mission in life is to rescue people, animals, and entire villages and lands, if necessary, that are in some kind of trouble. At the moment, we have been assigned to save the village of Snow Angel from the goons who live in a land called Fire Haven. We’ve also been assigned to get the assistance of three sisters, Anna, Sharen and Charlotte. Let me tell you, Anna has an amazing guide dog. You’ll have to read the story to find out what powers she has. Would any of you like to help us save the land of Winter Haven?


Ann: Thanks for the offer, but I’m sure you have enough hands (or paws), from what I can tell, pitching into your assignment.


Maxim: You’ve got a point, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Anyway, my sister is a bit on the crazy side. One minute she thinks she’s belongs with Fire Fly, and the next, she comes running ack to me. My father, on the other hand, is a beast. He claims to love us, and treats us with respect, but you should hear the conversations between him and our mother. They would make a donkey’s hair stand on end. Ugh! Enough about them, what else did you want to ask me?


Ann: First of all, I’m sure the fans want to know how you survive in your lands, or wherever you happen to fly to? I mean what do you eat?? and how do you live? I know you don’t always live in those huge open pastures, so please enlighten my readers.


Maxim: Yes, we live and roam the wide-open pastures and paddocks of Wing Haven, but we don’t always have a pasture to land in, or to build our shelters in, so we transform into humans, and either put up a tent, or find a cabin, and ask the owners if we can stay a while. I’ve even built shelters for Maylani and me, in the midst of a storm. You asked me what we eat, well, there are several answers to this question. First of all, in our pastures, there is plenty of hay and grass for us to munch on, when we are in our beacon state, but we get tired of dried up grass and hay from time to time, so we go hunting for meat, vegetables, fruits, and other goodies like you eat. Our front paws are strong enough for us to use them to pick fruits and vegetables from a garden. Before we get to the next question, let me just say this. We don’t go stealing food from other people’s gardens. We plant our own gardens or ask permission to pick what we need from the gardens owned by the natives of the land we happen to be in at the time. Sometimes people will offer to buy us groceries, but when we complete a mission, we earn a bit of money. In this case, we transform into humans, and go inside a store or restaurant and purchase food and drinks for ourselves, the same way any of you would do.


Ann: I’m glad to hear you say that, because I wouldn’t want my readers to see you as a bad beacon.


Maxim: Of course not, though there are bad beacons in the lands we visit, in order to rescue troubled souls. Boy the stories I could tell!” (he shivers in his chair).


Ann: I bet. Now, let’s talk a bit about your sister Maylani. I know she’s adopted, but why do you feel that she has so much anger in her heart?


Maxim; I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but here’s the thing. My sister and I are both adopted, and she resents the fact that our father resents us. Milo isn’t our real father, but I can’t tell you who is, because that would spoil your story for sure. Our mother found us when we were beacon cubs, so Milo mated with her to protects and care for us until we were old enough and strong enough to survive on our own. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we can survive on our own, but we love to feel the strong family connection, because the family as a whole is rescuing the troubled souls we help on a daily basis, or should I say almost daily basis, (laugh).

Ann: One final question before you go. Before I ask this question, though, let me share something with you. I have had to rewrite my story, because I lost the original on my old computer, when it crashed. I love the way it’s beginning to shape up, but I need your help. Where should I go, to rebuild your world and the world of Snow Angel? When does the mystery become a part of your story?

Maxim: You know I can’t tell you right here in front of your nearly 350 followers, not to mention the thousands of viewers you have. Come on! I’ll guide you through my story, when the time is write, (pun intended). Listen folks, she wants to cheat, and get the scoop before the story unfolds. What do you say about that, is she trying to sneak in a spoiler or two? It ain’t happenin folks. Listen, I got to get back to Snow Angel, and put out Maylani’s fire. I wish she’d just grow up and do what we’ve been called to do. Bye for now! (he flies away with the wind).


Well, well, well, he won’t give me any hints! If he did, his hints would spoil the story for us all. It was nice talking to him though, and I look forward to writing his story. Hey by the way, I’m thinking of publishing The Native Beacon as an Electric Eclectic book. If it doesn’t exceed the would count guidelines, you may see it on the EE Books website and on amazon fairly soon, though I can’t say exactly when. Be on the lookout for The Native Beacon. I gotta run for now, so until next time, happy writing and God bless. Remember, keep those creative juices flowing. Oh, by the way, if you liked this character interview, feel free to share it, and tell me what you think in the comments below. If you have questions for any of my characters, let me know. Remember, no spoilers!


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