A fun writing challenge!

Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk about a topic that’s a little lighter in tone. Let’s do something fun, let’s have a writing prompt challenge!


I was looking around on a social media app called Vorail, and I found some interesting questions. I had to think about some of these, because they are perfect points to ponder. I decided to use these as writing prompts for you to use in your own writing. I may have answers to one or two of these, and some of them I may not add here. However, I may use them in later posts.

Here are my prompts or you can consider tem questions for discussion. Please note that I have added two prompt/questions at the end of this post, because they both relate to the same subject. If anyone has any prompt challenges they’d like to share, feel free to do so either in the comments, or link back to my post in your own blog posts, so I can take part in the challenge for myself.


Prompt/question number one: Do you push the up or down button to call the elevator multiple times? If so, do you believe that taking this action would bring the elevator to you any faster?


My answer: No, I try not to do this, as I don’t believe pressing the elevator button more than once, will bring it to me or make the doors open any faster. Although I have lived in a couple of apartment complexes where I have witnessed people doing this. This has even happened at the building where I used to work, when I worked for the Gallup Organization. People would push the button many times, because they were either in a hurry to get to their buses, or they wanted to get to their cars before the parking deck closed for the night. What’s the purpose of this action?

Now I will tell you of a time when I was in a building doing elevator practice for a mobility lesson. I did push the call button twice, because the button was recessed into the panel and I wasn’t sure whether or not I pushed it properly. Other than that, I only push the button once.

Before I switch topics, let me let you in on a little secret. Riding on an elevator for a while, like standing up while riding a bus, can make your feet feel funny. It can make you feel like you’re still bouncing up and down on solid ground, or at least it’s like that for me. What about you, have you had interesting experiences like that?


Prompt/question number two: If you were a button, what action would you wish to perform when pressed?


My answer: If I were a button, I would want to be the button that opens the largest food bank in the world. I would give people temporary access to this food bank until they can get back on their feet. There are many people in the US and around the world who have limited sources of income. There are days when these low-income families don’t know where their next meal will come from. I would be the button they can press, so they can get that next meal or three, until they are financially able to put food on their own tables.


Prompt/question number three: If you were a star, where and how would you shine?


My answer: I would shine a light of love and happiness, all over the world. I asked a friend of mine this same question, and he said he would be a blue star that shown a ray of coolness to everybody around the world. He said that everyone would living in style and be cool like him.


Prompts/questions four and five: If you were a key, or if you had a key in your possession that could unlock anything in the world, what would you unlock?

I would unlock the door to my fictional worlds and allow my readers to come in and meet my characters. Oh, wait, I do that anyway, when I write my stories, but a key would unlock the movie that I see in my head, when I get an idea. My friend said that his key would open the door to independent success for small business owners around the world.


Thanks for taking part in my fun writing prompt challenge. Please share your thoughts, and or links to your own responses in the comments below.

Until next time, happy writing and enjoy the rest of your day. God bless you my fellow bloggers and readers.


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